Bears of Berkley- Junior Penelope Hall


Q: What is one perk of being an upperclassman?
A: So far, mentoring my brother (sophomore) when he comes to me with conflicts. I just like the feeling of being better than everyone else.

Q: What sort of teacher or boss would you be?
A: I would make sure my people felt comfortable coming to me with questions or concerns. While still being authoritative, I would also show confidence in my leadership.

Q: How would you fill an ideal Sunday free from school or homework?
A: Well, I work every Sunday from 2-5. But if I didn’t, I would spend lots of time in the woods, building forts with all my animal friends.

Q: If you were a cookie, what cookie would you be and why?
A: The Kitchen sink cookie from Panera because there’s a mix of a lot of different things in it. I have a lot of different personality traits that shine through when I conversate. I enjoy finding unique ideas, clothing items, and hobbies.

Q: What is your favorite comfort food and why?
A: Collard greens and soup are my favorite comfort food; They are warm and like soup. When I’m sick, I enjoy this a little extra because I feel it warms my body.

Q: When are you at your happiest?
A: I’m happiest when I am in nature or eating food. A picnic is the perfect combination.

Q: If you were a color, what color would you be and why?
A: Glitter because I sparkle.