So you want my job – Tropical Smoothie, Katherine Qualman

This article is part of an ongoing series here at The Spectator called, So You Want My Job. In these articles, we take a look at high schoolers with part-time jobs, in order to give others an understanding of these jobs.
Looking for a first job in the service industry? An easy way to make money after school 4-9? An easy-going environment? Well, the answers lie below. Tropical Smoothie Cafe is located at 12 mile and Woodward. This location is just minutes from Berkley High School. With that, many students at Berkley are employed here; the staff contains around 12 Berkley juniors and seniors, which makes the environment friendly and familiar. To get an inside scoop of the job, senior Katherine Qualman responds to some necessary questions.

Tell us about yourself, Katherine Qualman.

I am from Huntington Woods, Michigan. I’ve been working at Tropical Smoothie for a little over a year. I got the job in August of 2021. My job is just a few minutes from my house, so it is quite a convenient location.

How’d you get this job and what is your position?

I got the job just by walking in. I think I walked in when my friend was working at the time, and I called the manager to the front to conduct an interview.

What was your first day at the job like?

Honestly, the day I got the job I just got right into it. I was given some tropical merch, and put to work immediately. I remember there was a large lunch rush, so I was that awkward new employee, just standing there observing. By watching the fast-paced motions, I noticed the specific jobs each person had; one person was adding the ingredients diligently to the blender, then passing it off to the next employee, who put the lid on the blender and blended and poured out the smoothie. The last person began cleaning the ever-growing stack of dirty blenders and lids.

Tell us about your position working here, what does your typical day look like from start to finish; (depending on your shift times?)

I usually get scheduled from 4-9, depending on if there are people there, I will head straight to the back if there are no customers. But if a customer comes or an online order comes up, I’ll begin my work: making the product or taking orders. Usually, depending on who else is working, I will preferably head to the food section to make the food, but the smoothie section is also a decent time. I then proceed to do that for about 3 or so hours, and after that, I begin to close. This involves flipping the fruits, where I take out the prepped containers of fruit and put them on the top of the smoothie line, wipe stuff down, and restock.

What is your work/life balance like in your career?

I prefer no less than two shifts a week because then I will become broke really quick, sometimes I get one shift which is manageable, but not as much. I try to work Tuesdays and Thursdays because I have soccer practice on Monday and Wednesday. Now that soccer is over though, I might try to get my time up before college.

What is the best thing about your job?

I would say the best thing is that it’s really easy-going in comparison to other jobs.