Bears of Berkley – Freshman Caroline Egnotovich


Q: What was the biggest change you noticed from middle school to high school?
A: The biggest change is more freedom, which I enjoy, but there is also a bigger workload which adds more pressure.

Q: Who is your favorite teacher?
A: My favorite teacher is Mrs. Rathburn because she makes Advanced Earth and Space more enjoyable and her teaching style is very nice.

Q: Right now, are there any colleges you are interested in attending?
A: Not many colleges interest me currently since I haven’t really looked, but I don’t plan on staying in state for college.

Q: When you think about the rest of your high school career, what do you get most excited about?
A: I get most excited about the different classes I could take and the new people I’ll meet each year.

Q: Some students at Berkley choose to start clubs. If you could create any club, what would it be?
A: I’d make a movie club because I really like movies.

Q: If you could ask a senior one question, what would you ask?
A: What’s the best class you have taken?

Q: What is your favorite school subject to learn about?
A: I love learning about science. That’s definitely my favorite subject.